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Finally, The Truth About Why Your Home Didn’t Sell

Do you know the difference between passive selling and active marketing. Until you do, you won’t even have a chance of selling in today’s market Dear Home Seller, Based on information obtained from the Multiple Listing Service, it has come

Never Under Price Your Home Ever Again

Read this and understand that the old way is nice but there is a new way in finding the right price!  Is Your Price Right? How to find a sweet spot that won’t alienate buyers, nor undervalue your home Pricing

What Is Home Bids

What Is Home Bids                           “Home Bids” is a Hybrid between real estate auctions and traditional real estate. We took the best features from real estate auction and traditional real

Live Auction Shows How Sellers Get More With An Auction

Finding that sweet spot that won’t alienate buyers nor undervalue your home. This is how it’s done!!! 9674 Davona Dr, San Ramon, CA 94583 4B/2.5B, 1979 sqft Final Sales Price $855,000 Starting price was $649,000 Auction ends on 5/19/2:46:14 PM

88 Possible Types Of Turbulence Or Stunts You Could Encounter When Buying or Selling A Home !!

After 37 Years of selling Real Estate we have keep every experience we have encountered and have saved them to share with buyers and sellers.  Buying a home is like taking an airline flight across the country. When you start

How To Bid On This Property

Auction LITE! Bid online at Starting Bid  (Example) $525,000. Auction LITE ends in 10 to days after the property comes available.  Buyers and agents can bid online anytime from the beginning to the end of Auction LITE! Once the seller will

How To Buy At The Auction !!

Getting Started In order to bid you must First Register on the website by going to “Our Listings” tab and selecting “REGISTER” . Please fill out all fields marked with a red ” * ” these are required fields. Write

The Home Bids Process and Benefits!

Benefits of the Home Bids Program Method of Marketing for Seller Maximizes Sale Prices  More offers means more competition, which ultimately drives sale prices higher. Home Bids  ensures every homeowners  sells for True Market Value.  The bidding method of marketing

Sell Your Home Now – Here Is How!

Once people hear that you are planning to sell your property, they are likely to bombard you with well-intentioned advice. It can be difficult to discern good information from well-intended, but otherwise faulty, suggestions. This purpose of this article is

15 Things to Consider Before Buying a Home

When you’re buying a home, it’s easy to let emotions get in the way of reality. “Sometimes we want something so badly, we’re not willing to ask all the questions we should ask our self “Will This Place Ever Feel