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home-bids-logo-withe-bg-300dpiHow would you like to sell your home!                                        

The New Way or The Old Way”

The Old Way of Selling a home.

  • Call 3 to 4 Realtors to interview
  • Pick the one who tells you  the highest price you can sell
  • Which one has the best presentation
  • Who will cut their commission?
  • Your home may sell or it may not.
  • You have to reduce your price after 30 days if it does not sell
  • It may take 3 to 6 weeks to sell or longer
  • You may get 1 or more offers
  • Long term contract

The New Way of Selling a Home.

  • Put your home on Home Bids
  • Pick the Home Bid starting price ( which will be explained)
  • The Home Bids runs for 10 days and the home gets SOLD
  • You will save half of the commission with Home Bids
  • You will get multiple offers. “Guaranteed”

“More offers which gives you a higher price”

  • This gets you the most money
  • 95% success rate
  • Short term contract

How often does a cutting edge process come along that sets the real estate industry on fire? Introducing Home Bids.  (Patent Pending)

Home Bids initial goal was to combine the best features from online auctions and traditional real estate. What we actually created was a process that industry professionals say is MORE effective and MORE results-driven than any other method of selling real estate.

99% of REALTORS will only be able to sell a home using traditional real estate methods. The old way!

But we can offer!

  • The most efficient method of selling real estate in any market conditions
  • We bring multiple offers on your home within 10 days or less
  • Reduces the number of showings since the property will be shown at the open house dates only, (unless agreed otherwise)
  • Paperless offers
  • Transparency (everyone sees the bids)                                     

                                             No Risk for Sellers

Seller reserves the right to accept, counter, or reject the highest bid.

Unlike Real Estate Auctions, where buyers have to go into escrow with no contingencies and non-refundable deposit, Home Bids is simply better. At the end of the bidding process, the buyer may proceed with a standard Purchase Agreement required by the State where the transaction takes place, with all buyer’s contingencies and inspection time frames. The whole process is transparent and convenient. Sellers don’t sign a  3 or 6 months listing agreements when Home Bids delivers in 15 days or less.

“Home Bids” brought to you by ORESY

Interested in learning more about Home Bids?

Contact Paul Conti @ 916-677-7446 call or text today and he will answer all of your questions. Paul has over 35 years in the real estate business. He loves helping sellers get the best service and best price.  Paul has sold over 1,000 homes. NOW that’s experience.